Über uns


LYBD stands for "Live your Backyard Dreams" - and that's exactly what we've been doing since 2019. With the opening of the BMX and skate park at its new location in Oldenburg-Alexandersfeld, years of work by the Backyard club had paid off. We all met while working on this project and realised that we had even more ideas to push BMX and skateboarding beyond the city limits of Oldenburg. Under the team leadership of Fjonn Dutzmann, an active BMX rider, to advance the further development of our sports equipment, to power even more. The first step in this direction was the launch of the BMX brand All In 2019, which has been rolling up the scene ever since. Recently, we have been bringing Brazilian flair to Europe with the surf and skate brand Mormaii - and that's just the beginning!

Ubbo is the father of our team's success. He accompanies and supports our creative mix of sports enthusiasts, masters of disaster and detail-oriented specialists with his heart, soul and experience. In this way, we can optimally complement each other and our strengths with our unique mix and further develop our products in a sustainable and market-leading way.

Fjonn has neither a job title nor a clearly defined area of responsibility. Despite this, or maybe because of it, he keeps the shop at LYBD running as he simply takes care of everything. His main focus at the moment is the further development of All In, both the product portfolio and the dealer network. Every part of All In benefits from his many years of BMX experience, which he now prefers to put into designing new parts rather than learning new overhead tricks.

Saskia is the organising hand behind the look of our brands, logos and websites. As a graphics designer, she keeps track of colour schemes, typefaces and general design ideas while providing the visual guideline that ties everything we put out together, be it stickers, packaging, advertisements or complete magazines. She rides snowboard and longboard while her son rides BMX, which is why she has been involved in the Backyard club for a long time already. It quickly became clear: we need someone like Saskia every day at LYBD!

Dominik is an IT specialist for system integration. This means that he takes care of everything in our company that has a power cable or a connection to the internet. He not only provides first aid when a computer breaks down, but also works behind the scenes to ensure that our websites run smoothly and are continuously improved.

After work, he gets on his BMX bike and rides the few hundred metres over to the Backyard park to work on his trick variations. He has been a fixture in the Oldenburg BMX scene for ages and is also part of the All In flow team.

Moritz is the heart of our logistics. Since he is working as a trainer in the Backyard parkanyway, it only makes sense that he has also taken over the responsibility for our warehouse there. A normal day for him could be showing several school classes how great BMX is in the morning, and then packing up your order in the afternoon. Like Dominik, he also grew up in the Backyard Hall, is an All In team rider and part of the crew that has made Oldenburg Germany's BMX capital again.